Doctor Sleep

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they let me have a bit of artistic liberty with it and i had such a great time !!, Archived version by Pelreni Character(s): Danny TorranceDate: 28 March 2021Genre: needs tags
dan torrance commission for the very lovely @sonnycorleone !


Kyliegh Curran as Abra Stone in Doctor Sleep (2019), Archived version by TheLaziestMotherFucker Character(s): Abra StoneDate: 15 June 2020Length: 4 piecesGenre: needs tags
Directed by Mike Flanagan, Archived version by TalesFromTheCrypts Date: 06 October 2020Genre: needs tags
CW: Substance Use, Weaponry EWAN MCGREGOR as Dan Torrance in Doctor Sleep (2019), Archived version by AceCroft Character(s): Danny TorranceDate: 26 October 2020Length: 7 piecesGenre: needs tags