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ITS Wiki is a site dedicated first and foremost to IT and Stranger Things aka ST and their connected projects. This is a fan-made site hoping to preserve the fandom that exists for these two art pieces, specifically.

The internet is an ever-evolving place, and though the saying goes that once it's online, it's always online, the things we love can sometimes be the hardest things to find. This site acts as a map, and directory, for the things we loved, or missed. It is highly recommended that if you see content you enjoy, utilize Archive.IS to archive it, should the original later be deleted. This is the means by which most of the content on this site is safe-guarded from disappearing. What's more, if you find an applicable article (would like to create one if one does not exist, or would like assistance placing a link in an appropriate location) you can help us out by editing it to include the link to the work you so enjoyed. If you're unsure where to place it, but would like to make certain something is preserved, please email ( an admin, or leave a note here.

To see disclaimers regarding the content used on this site, please click here.

Guidelines and Rules

Here, we try our best to spotlight the positive aspects of fandom, and the talents of those within. Discourse is highly discouraged, and Content Warning highly encouraged, to make this a happy place to visit and kindle fond memories. Maybe even to inspire further content, or bolster a sense of community. Therefore, if you dislike something, click away from it. If you hold ill feelings toward someone, do not interact with them or their works. If you find something triggering and would like future warnings for it, please go to the 'Talk' page of the Wiki article you noticed unmarked issues on, and leave a note for editors. We will be as accommodating as possible without casting judgement or shame upon others.

Please note that typically things such as curse words will not be warned for, but slurs and derogatory language should be. Also note that while this site will always strive to include content warnings, it cannot promise to have noticed every possible issue, and therefore you must still read and consume at your own risk.

Questions, suggestions or concerns may also be left on various 'Talk' pages as seen fit. Or, you may email for assistance.

  • Due to the nature of this site, and the reason for its creation, it is asked that Character/Real Person Death not be mentioned in on-site context, and used only as a warning for off-site context.
  • Out of respect for curators, and other fans, please do not delete content unless it is being moved to a more suitable location as advised.
  • Please try to provide accurate information to the best of your ability. Purposely falsified information may get you blocked.
  • Unless someone has shared a real name, address, or other personal information for use by the internet at large, refrain from documenting such things. Safety is key, and it is recommended these kinds of things only be given out to those whom you have reason to trust, so please keep yourself, and others safe by doing so.


Associated Projects

What are they? If a work is inspired by/created for a character that one of the actors from either IT or Stranger Things played, or something written by Stephen King and The Duffer Brothers, then it is an associated work.

The fandoms - or projects - listed on the main page, however, only consist of full-length works, or television series in which an actor was in more than two episodes. Shorts, therefore, are not included, nor are the actors' cameos. Should their spot on those projects warrant enough fan-related content, however, a page may be created for it. The definition of 'enough' is up to you! If you enjoyed the work enough, but it's only one, individual work, feel free to make a page for the fandom. But if you're happy just putting it on the actors' page, or the artists' then do so.

Are Other Fandoms/Projects Allowed?

The answer is a very tentative 'yes.' If you have a passion for a fandom not connected to IT or Stranger Things, we highly encourage you to make use of Fanlore first and foremost. If for some reason their format is not to your taste, but ITSwiki's is then yes, you are welcome to document your fandom here. If you want to be extra diligent, please contact the site admin, first, just to make certain. The same rules apply for your fandom, as the ones this site was created for, of course. So please be respectful of that request.


For formatting tricks, go here.

Naming a Page

Fan Pages

  1. Check to see if the fan has an alias/name they go by (NOT their username)
  2. If they have an alias, and no other fan page has been created using that name, then the name of the page is their alias with proper capitalization (ie. Albanon)
  3. If they have an alias, but a page already exists using that name, do they have an alternate alias (NOT username?) If not already used, that is the page name
    • If so, but a page already exists using that name, the name of the page is both of their alias' with proper capitalization, one in parenthesis (ie. DJ (Desmond))
  4. If there is no alternate alias available, select the shortest username without symbols to go within the parentheses (ie. DJ (darbees))
  5. Should there only be usernames with symbols, select the shortest username without an underscore (_) to go within the parentheses (ie. Autumn (tums.jpg))
  6. If no other option is available, select the shortest username with an underscore to go within the parentheses (ie. Ali (etherdragons_))
  7. You will then create #REDIRECT pages for each of their known usernames, capitalizing each word within the username for legibility (ie. SadGreenCloud)

Page Creation

If you believe there is a need for a page to be created - meaning you have run a search of the wiki and have not found one that fits - all you have to do is change 'Main_Page' here: to the name of the page you wish to create, such as: ('_' creates a space, although it is not necessary to use this, the 'Space' key will work just fine.) Hit 'Enter', and then click 'create this page.'

Please peruse our templates to see if any apply to the page you are creating, and utilize it to the best of your ability. When your contributions are complete, click 'Save Page.'