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Gift Exchange
Name: IT Fandom Exchange
Date(s): 2020
Moderator(s): AppoJoos, BillDenbrough, EddieFuckinKaspbrak
Fandom: IT
URL: IT-Fandom-Exchange, Archived version
It fandom exchange.png
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The IT Fandom Exchange was a gift exchange which required one of the following to be prepared for another:

  • Writers: minimum of 1,000 word count
  • Art: Clear line art piece, digital or traditional. If it is traditional it must be a high quality image
  • Moodboards: nine images and cannot contain other people’s edits/gift/art
  • Fan videos: At least 1 minute long
  • Playlist: 15-20 songs with cover art
  • Gifsets: 6 gifs with 250x150 dimensions or 3 gifs with 500x200 dimensions
  • Edit: same as gifset requirements

Important Dates


Google forms were used both for sign-ups, Archived version and the check-in, Archived version.

Sign-Ups were closed five days early. Due to the pandemic involving COVID-19, due dates were pushed back, allowing two extra weeks of work.

For extra fun, a Bingo Card was made, free to be used, Archived version as a bonus challenge.




it takes a village, Archived version by RichieToizerCharacter(s): Patty Blum, Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie Tozier, Stanley UrisRelationship: ReddieDate: 28 April 2020Length: 2,097 wordsMedium: FanfictionGenre: needs tags
Stan and Patty go over to visit the Kaspbrak-Tozier family and they carry a very important question with them. ⤹ my fic for @theparadigmshifts for the @it-fandom-exchange
I'm Going to Marry Her Anyway, Archived version by Kaspbrak-Tozier-ReddieCharacter(s): Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie TozierRelationship: ReddieDate: 28 April 2020Length: 6,676 wordsMedium: Aesthetic Edit & FanfictionGenre: needs tags
“I guess you’re stuck with me, Eds.” - “I like being stuck with you, idiot.”, Archived version by RiddleBlack246Character(s): Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie TozierRelationship: ReddieDate: 28 April 2020Length: 500px × 347pxMedium: FanartGenre: needs tags
A Reddie “I Am Not Okay With This” AU for @marsisaplanetyall for the @it-fandom-exchange
CW: Substance Use I saw you had Bichie listed in your ships, so ofc I had to jump right on that. College age, Richie is probably saying something flirty and now Bill can’t help but blush. I hope you like it! by WhatIDoIsxSecretCharacter(s): Bill Denbrough, Richie TozierRelationship: ReddieDate: 29 April 2020Length: 800px × 825pxMedium: FanartGenre: needs tags
My gift for @richiebeepbeep for the @it-fandom-exchange​!
here’s my domestic stanlon moodboard, Archived version[1] by MikeHanlcnsRelationship: StanlonDate: 30 April 2020Medium: Aesthetic EditGenre: needs tags
for @that-weird-girls-blog for the @it-fandom-exchange! i hope you like it:)
the not-so-runaway groom-to-be, Archived version[2] by JacobbyArtCharacter(s): Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie TozierRelationship: ReddieDate: 30 April 2020Length: 4,469 wordsMedium: FanfictionGenre: needs tags
The plan is simple, as everyone seems to tell him with a voice one would use as if speaking to a child. Eddie will be back, because that’s Eddie. Eddie always comes back. And it isn’t just Eddie, too. Losers always come back, because Losers stick together. Their faith in themselves knows no bounds. Rightfully so, although Richie thinks that twenty-seven years is a lot longer of a wait than what he would ask for. And he rarely asks for much. All he needs now is to drill it in his head until he’s convinced of this truth. for @i-eat-bread-and-cry-on-the-floor for the @it-fandom-exchange
that's my type, Archived version by RichieToizerCharacter(s): Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie TozierRelationship: ReddieDate: 30 April 2020Length: 1,261 wordsMedium: FanfictionGenre: needs tags
All Richie wants is for Stan to formally introduce him to his cute coworker. It’s somebody not so easy. ⤹ my fic for @gazebobullshit​ for the @it-fandom-exchange


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