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This page lists relationship names from the Stranger Things fandom.

The Party

Portmanteau Pairing Type
Byhopler Will Byers & Eleven & Mike Wheeler Gen

Other Party Ships

Portmanteau Pairing Type
Bileven Billy Hargrove/Eleven Het

The Teens

Portmanteau Pairing Type
Rockie Robin Buckley/Vickie Femslash


Portmanteau Pairing Type
shipname ship type


Ships only appearing in crossovers/between characters who've never met
Portmanteau Pairing Type
Bevlen Beverly Marsh/Eleven Femslash
Elbev Beverly Marsh & Eleven Gen
Bevmax Beverly Marsh/Max Mayfield Femslash
Wheelbrough Bill Denbrough/Mike Wheeler Slash
Denwheelziers Bill Denbrough/Mike Wheeler/Richie Tozier/Will Byers Poly
Wheelbrak Eddie Kaspbrak/Mike Wheeler Slash
Elhan Eleven/Mike Hanlon Het
Elzier Eleven/Richie Tozier Het
Madzier Max Mayfield/Richie Tozier Het
Wheelzier Mike Wheeler/Richie Tozier Slash
Wheelziers Mike Wheeler/Richie Tozier/Will Byers Poly
Ryers Richie Tozier/Will Byers Slash
Byuris Stanley Uris/Will Byers Slash

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Crossover Ships Gen: Will Byers & Eddie KaspbrakRichie Tozier & Mike Wheeler
Femslash: Eleven/Beverly MarshBeverly Marsh/Max Mayfield
Het: Eleven/Mike HanlonEleven/Richie TozierMax Mayfield/Richie Tozier
Poly: Will Byers/Bill Denbrough/Richie Tozier/Mike WheelerWill Byers/Richie Tozier/Mike Wheeler
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