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Stranger Things Character
Name: Lucas Sinclair
Occupation: MIddle Schooler
Location: Hawkins, Indiana
Relationships: Erica Sinclair (sister), Max Mayfield (partner)
Fandom: Stranger Things
Other: Played by Caleb McLaughlin
File:Lucas Sinclair MartianPictures.jpeg
Lucas Sinclair by MartianPictures
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Lucas Sinclair is a fictional character from the Stranger Things television series, and is portrayed by Caleb McLaughlin.


Lucas Sinclair is a member of The Party and major character in all seasons. In season one, Lucas is reluctant to help Eleven (Jane Hopper), suggesting that she escaped from the local asylum. He was reluctant to trust her, and became distant from the party as a result. Towards the end of season one, he joins back together with the rest of the party to help protect Eleven who later destroyed the Demogorgon. In season two, Lucas meets Max Mayfield which results in arguing between Dustin Henderson and Lucas about who should get to date her. Later, Lucas grows closer to Max and the begin dating, which leads to Max becoming a Party member. Lucas is threatened by Max's older brother Billy Hargrove, who dislikes Lucas because he's black, but Lucas remained with Max. He later helps the Party and Steve Harrington set fire to the tunnels underneath the town dug by Demodogs, to draw the monsters away from Eleven while she attempted to close The Gate. In season three, Lucas worked together with the Party to fight the Mind Flayer and close the Gate once and for all. He and the rest of the Party attacked the Mind Flayer with fireworks in Starcourt Mall.


As of August 2020, Lucas Sinclair is the tenth most popular character in the Stranger things fandom on Archive of Our Own.

As of August 2020, there are 4,697 works that include Lucas Sinclair on Archive of our own. [1]



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