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Stranger Things Character
Name: Mike Wheeler
Location: Hawkins, Indiana
Relationships: Eleven (Jane Hopper) (partner), Holly Wheeler (sister), Karen Wheeler (mother), Nancy Wheeler (sister), Ted Wheeler (father)
Fandom: Stranger Things
Other: Played by Finn Wolfhard
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untitled, Archived version by CryptidMax, formerly WTFmqkqylqFandom: Stranger ThingsDate: 22 January 2018Length: 1,280px × 852pxMedium: FanartStatus: Complete
local SoftBoy thinks about how much he loves his friends, 11/10 would jump off a cliff for them
untitled, Archived version by CheetoManIsTrashFandom: Stranger ThingsDate: 14 December 2018Length: 719px × 1,280pxMedium: FanartStatus: Complete


untitled, Archived version by LovelyShereeFandom: Stranger ThingsDate: 05 March 2019Length: 540px × 611pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Pirate AU
Honestly, I don’t know. Dramatic-ass lookin’ Mike Wheeler, I guess… I was trying to sketch what he’d look like in my pirate AU but was too lazy to draw much so… decided to give it a go at lighting which I really need to work on.
untitled, Archived version by AlternatiiviFandom: Stranger ThingsDate: 30 June 2019Length: 640px × 960pxMedium: FanartStatus: Complete
rewatchin season 2 for the 4th time cause im a fool. Anyways a second favourite boy



untitled, Archived version by FinnWolvhardFandom: Stranger ThingsDate: 30 October 2018Length: 2Medium: Animated GifStatus: CompleteGenre: Canon


untitled, Archived version by MikeWheeler, formerly FinnWolfhardsFandom: Stranger ThingsDate: 28 January 2019Length: 4Medium: Animated GifStatus: CompleteGenre: Canon


untitled, Archived version by StarTrekFemme, formerly DykeSnail & KayPeace21Fandom: Stranger ThingsDate: 24 April 2019Length: 209Medium: MetaStatus: Complete
Mike Wheeler ain’t straight lads


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