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Name: Reddie Secret Santa
Date(s): 2019
Moderator(s): Zach_Stone, FoxWatson
Fandom: IT
Associated Community:
URL: AO3, Archived version
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Reddie Secret Santa was a gift exchange hosted on AO3.


Scrapbooking, Archived version by PrincessDameron for BecomeGroovyDate: 24 December 2019Length: 154 wordsGenre: needs tags
Mike pulls out some old photos and the Losers reminisce a little
The List, Archived version by Cissues for Yuu_chiDate: 24 December 2019Length: 7,064 wordsGenre: needs tags
Eddie’s curious now, the contents of the list still slightly fuzzy in his mind. He leans over and reads the small description right below the title.
if you could return (don't let it burn), Archived version by ShowMeAHero for AcornAndroidDate: 24 December 2019Length: 19,489 wordsGenre: needs tags
“Not that I’m not enjoying our banter, buddy, but word on the street is you got a problem you could use some help with,” Richie says. “What’s bugging you at two in the morning on New Year’s Eve?”
under sparkling lights, Archived version by ShowMeAHero for DorianDate: 24 December 2019Length: 20,707 wordsGenre: needs tags
Eddie hesitates for a brief moment, considering how stupid the words about to come out of his mouth are, but apparently his brain doesn’t care. He just decides to be stupid, with his arms wrapped around Richie’s throat, his heart pounding through their coats against Richie’s back. “I can come with you.”
the fireworks that go off when you smile, Archived version by Zach_Stone for Kaspbrak_KidDate: 24 December 2019Length: 10,063 wordsGenre: needs tags
Eddie seems in better spirits than before, and he gets some of the playful gleam back in his eyes after a few minutes, shoving Richie off the dock and into the water while laughing loudly. Richie comes up for air, water dripping all over his glasses, and the sight of Eddie’s head thrown back with laughter is enough to make him feel like he’s still below the surface, losing all his breath.
Can't Fight This Feeling, Archived version by Anonymous for TozierRichieDate: 25 December 2019Length: 11,467 wordsGenre: needs tags
“Eddie,” Richie says, quiet and serious. “You’re not gonna abandon me at the altar, right?”
blossoms turned to snowflakes on the ground, Archived version by FoxWatson for NuvvandaDate: 29 December 2019Length: 8,772 wordsGenre: needs tags
In December 1947, Eddie has been living in LA for years and made a name for himself as a dancer and choreographer. He hasn't seen Richie Tozier in about 20 years, since he moved away from Derry. Then he runs into Richie at a bar, and it turns out that Richie is an actor for Paramount - an actor in need of dance lessons.
Fridge Magnets and Domestically, Archived version by AcornAndroid for ChuChuKelseyDate: 04 January 2020Length: 7,370 wordsGenre: needs tags
From coffee with his best friend Stanley, to a Christmas party with the Losers, to New Year's Eve and in between, Richie decides that he wants to spend the rest of his life with the uptight little man that has the tendency to sing while cooking in the kitchen.
No Depression In Love, Archived version by Ellameno for PrincessDameronDate: 25 January 2020Length: 8,968 wordsGenre: needs tags
In an alternate retro-futuristic 1930's where prohibition lingers and zeppelins fill the sky, rule-abiding driver Eddie gets mixed up in a charming stranger's wild and illegal life during the holidays. [Playlist included]


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