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Name: Xan Ippolitto / Alexis
Alias(es): GroggyFox, _GroggyFox, TehEmoWaffle, WhatIDoIsxSecret
Type: Fan Artist
Fandoms: IT, Stranger Things
URL: _GroggyFox, Archived version & TehEmoWaffle, Archived version on Instagram
GroggyFox, Archived version on Ko-Fi
_GroggyFox, Archived version on LinkTr.ee
WhatIDoIsxSecret, Archived version on Tumblr
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Secret Santa


Thank you for the commission!, Archived version Character(s): Ben Hanscom, Beverly MarshRelationship: BenverlyDate: 18 April 2019Length: 500px × 541pxGenre: Cuddling, Sleeping
Here is a sketch commission I did for @bcnvcrly here on tumblr of these two cuties! Benverly holds a special place in my heart so this was a lot of fun for me.
It’s a cute Princess Bride Stanlon AU!, Archived version Character(s): Mike Hanlon, Stanley UrisRelationship: StanlonDate: 22 April 2019Length: 540px × 720pxGenre: Fusion: The Princess Bride, Hand Holding, Hood, Mask, Royalty AU
Flat colored sketch commission that @tinyarmedtrex got to gift to @xandertheundead!
richie in 56 and/or eddie in 89?, Archived version Character(s): Eddie KaspbrakDate: 16 May 2019
I don’t know if there are rules againt blending, so I just did flat colors! I went with the Eddie prompt <3

Stranger Things


I have never drawn any Stranger Things art, and I really should!, Archived version Character(s): ElevenDate: 05 May 2019Length: 546px × 375px
DenbroughBill asked: you have stranger things as an interest in bio, have you done any art for them? :) and if you’re still taking prompts, 2A for eleven!


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